Statement on work practices

Painting - Mixed Media Paintings often derived from printmaking processes

Watercolours: I work quickly wet on wet, moving the paint around the surface as it dries in an effort to convey my emotional response to the changing light and colours of the subject.

Printmaking - Relief & Intaglio: In 2007 & 08 I attended printmaking courses tutored by Peter Wray RE & Moira McTague respectively. Stimulated by this experience I bought a small Rollaco etching press so that I could continue building on the experience and trying out different printmaking methods.

Digital - Since owning my first instamatic camera in the 1970s photography has been an important creative tool, I moved on to developing my own monochrome film but now work exclusively with digital equipment. I use cameras as a resource tool and also produce digital images as an art form in their own right. Images from The Road Kill diaries project were selected for a national touring show running April 2007 to March 2008, one published in an article by Anne Desmet in the International magazine Printmaking Today (Vol 16 - No4) and the Open Show at Leeds City Gallery 2009 I have recently made short films relating to my practice